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What is the Helium Network and By IHub Global

You use wifi; you use the internet; you likely have a small box somewhere in your house, and for that box to work every month, you pay some of your hard-earned money to a faceless and often huge organisation. In return, they buy lots of champaign for the Christmas party and fly across the globe in their private jets.

But what if you owned the network, what if you and all your friends owned the network, then you could have the Christmas party and all the posh sparkling wine you want.

Well, this is kind of that. Helium is a global network, owned by you that pays real money, but way cooler than what you think, watch the video for more info.

Are you telling me that Helium is a network owned by me and my mates?

Well, yes, it could be for sure, and if you play it right, you could get paid for it. The helium network is operated, owned and run by people like you and me and all of our friends and families. 

Sounds too good to be true, you probably need to know more?

Ok, ok, I can see you are not one to jump on the next tech bandwagon without a bit of research, here is the technical bit.

The Helium Network is a long-range wireless network that is both distributed and global, providing coverage for IoT devices that are LoRaWAN enabled. The network is comprised of Hotspots that provide the public network coverage, and in return, are compensated with Helium’s native cryptocurrency – HNT. The network is also integrated with the Helium blockchain in order to provide the incentive for running Hotspots.

In short, if you put a helium network box in your house and you can earn some real money.

But It looks like I have to pay real money to get a box?

Well, no, that’s not the case, if you sign up through IHUB global, they can send you a box for free and start earning Helium HNT right away, they will take 50% of the Helium you mine, but hey, it’s free, if it works great, its an awesome side hustle, if it doesn’t work, well, what have you lost. 

What’s the catch?

There isn’t really any catch other than the fact you might not live in an area that needs a Helium network, for example, if you are living in an off-grid paradise in the mountains, then you probably won’t get a box, it does not make sense, however, and this is a big one.  You can introduce this to your old city-dwelling friends, and for all the Helium they mine, you get a percentage, and if they introduce someone, then you get a bot of their helium mining too. 

The cool thing is that you can build a helium network of friends and family and that guy you kind of know from the gym. It is one of those win/win situations.

The only other thing that’s a small catch is it’s quite new, it’s developing, and it means it will change and adapt over time, but did it say it’s new? I bet you wish you got into bitcoin when it was new.

It’s a no-brainer.

Ok im in, what next?

Well, if you sign up, I get a small percentage of your HNT mining; you can only sign up with an affiliate link, and if you are reading this, then why not use me.

Your Hotspot miner cost nothing, nada, zip, nil, zero.
It really is totally 100% free but only with iHubGlobal.

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